Mama Cries

From the heart of flowers, had spring seen light

Just the moment I was granted my first sight;

After living for nine months deep in a sea

Where blindness was all I could see.

Her running beats played my only rhyme 

That I had to hear days long to pass the snoring time.

Like a ball squeezed with no mercy, I had to act

Praying yet unable to reach any God was then a fact;

Mom’s Sacred Love

Praying to Drift gently and soon spread wings out

At least to witness how would sound my very first shout                                     

Decades slowly, slowly slipped away

Finally arrived the wanted day

Yes!! It’s my time to be born; the Doctor said.

Mammy’s torn in pain; over the white sheets bled & bled.

Her endless cries drove me pretty scared,

But never mind, selfishly I sighed, soon I’ll be as free as a bird

Moments for me, yet centuries for her they were

Till bloomed the tiniest flower under January’s prime care

Oh I still remember how it was so cold

Till Mama paid a tender hold;

Glittering she was in pink

And all I needed was; in her Lap to sink

For her torn womb, simply, can’t I sew

Yet I may sip her warmth like does a butterfly to dawn-dew.

Now after centuries I see I’d sinned; wishing to leave her safe womb

…Life is vanity; spent in an extremely huge tomb…


Baskets of Love

Kneeling whispering a million Amen;
Her hymns knocked heaven calling the King
Who put down his crown to knit a dress of Jasmine
Sent to cover her nakedness on a rainbow wing
The scene isn’t but a reality of April
That falls down soil holding a piece of heaven from above
This year it was destined to carry gifts as well to Wendell
Baskets; fully filled….just of love

Well April since its early start has been soaked with love;
first I’d love to thank Wendell
blogging as
not only for the baskets of love left at my door, but for raising my fallen sky all time…
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the baskets of love in which you hid your awards:

Sunshine Award, One Lovely Award Blog, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, The Beautiful Blogger Award
& The Kreative Blogger Award



I wouldn’t bother any with rules listed many times before & I mean those of the first three awards & for my luck if not for yours too; the last one has no rules but appreciation, so what remains is The Kreative Bloggers award that requires saying seven interesting things about myself; well I’ve exposed some sevens before; this time I’ll give seven definitions; you might find weird, but I’ve got my own dictionary to many things in this life:

  • “Luck”; is what human has created to throw blame on upon failure & to pretend humbleness upon success.
  • “Love & war”; are games grownups have created just because they can’t play with dolls anymore & they miss playing time:)
  • “Happiness”; it’s a temple we live out a whole life searching for & whenever we pass by it; we’re often too busy to notice.
  • “Knowledge”; is the analytic reading of our own books; where we are characters not authors before starting any Library.
  • “Money”; is what human has invented when he lost value for every valuable thing.
  • “Magic”; is a dress human has tailored to meet God when he had lost every other way.
  • “God”; The power of Universe that has no Identity but Beauty, no Book but love& no Temple but Light.

& baskets of love continue falling;
Also I’d like to thank 
for 7×7 Link Award
for Creative Chaos Award

I’ll pass the rules of the latter only; which besides showing appreciation to the person that passed it to you, requires telling three weird things about yourself & answering two
really- weird questions:

What many consider weird about me, yet still me, are:

  •  I do believe in other species living on other planets of this universe or it would a wasted space to have only earth inhabited through the infinite.
  • I don’t trust Mathematics as long as it’s built over a few rules that no one can prove even Pythagoras himself.
  • My first enemy is Tv; I do consider its birth nothing but an attempt to kill minds.

Now the weirdest questions I’ve been ever asked:

    1. You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario & ask, “what? No coffee?”

– Well I’m a coffee addict; when there’s no cup in my hand, I start wishing all drinks turn coffee:)            

    1. You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down; You’ve got no phone service, no Superstore; it’s 150 miles to the closest town & all you’ve got is a candy bar. What color your pants are & why?
      • – Probably I’d be in blue jeans unless the fallen curse has changed blue to black:)
Finally I’d like to pass the seven baskets of love
for the following bloggers listed in no order:

Wish I could make the list longer, but I’m scared of driving you bored of reading..
Congratulations everyone; enjoy April & its basket of love..

                                                                                         With Love

Wrinkled Rainbow

Like never, woke up today’s sun

Proudly floating over dust of blue

From butterflies, soil’s perfume flew

Felt I the world safe, but she had to run

Run; seeking a secret hide some place

Deeper than oceans and seas,

Higher than what Human sees

Leaving behind no single trace

“Candle” painting by Vladimir Kush

Her insecurities are eating her alive

Between smiles and tears stands no border

Everybody’s leaning on her shoulder

To breathe; shall she thrive or strive?

Faith’s leaking out of hands

When, under chains, they’re obliged to sleep

Away, chains of sleepless veins, creep

Till set sail galaxies, but a weak heart, frozen, stands

Staring at the moon plucking off the preciousness of a day

Ripping along everything innocently glittering

There too stood demons of the dark, giggling

It was me not her; gone and gone midway

Eighteen billion seconds give birth to a year

Years painted my rainbow with no touch of green

Recording life’s seasons skipping that of a teen

Where generous rivers were held within each tear…

Silenced Silence

Winds of Universe…sprinkle your mirth

Cleanse the misery in which was baptized Earth

Cleanse the doom by whom Life has been kissed!

Every Journey the Heart takes, the Right Path is missed…

In love, fell I and fell first

Never could the Beloved calm a growing thirst

Forever pumped with care that tastes queer

Especially when other beats drew a prior career…

Every time, his breath blew beside,

Profound silence grew refusing to play the seek-and-hide…

“Miranda The Tempest” painting by J.W. Waterhouse

His everything was boldly adorable,

Yet for him seemed ignorable

Ever since remembered, he was near, but absent

Said much the Beat, yet stayed silent

Years dried the most generous eyes

Supposed to be forgotten, till met again our eyes

One thing then couldn’t be denied;

A Heart packing a million beat, turned the tide

Out of sight; set sail countless years;

Sealing my streams; not those of tears

Now out of the blue dropping anchor in my bay

Innocently requesting a long-term stay

His passion-painted words made sense of nonsense

Where was it before, and is its birth now just a pretense!

Can’t lie lips destined to honesty and draw “NO”

Still whenever he sways close, through veins life after life does flow

However sentenced to death before birth; a sighing “YES”

Fails no heart; a Beat, but mine did, I confess…


Orphaned Heart

Fuse days with nights

When, on life, gloom lights

Obstacles roughen every way

Stealing happiness from each coming day

An orphaned heart comes ruined

When depression blows as crazy as a wind

“Hope” painting by George federick watts

Heavily down, rains fall

From an eye of a tortured soul

Some says: ” a tear may cure pain”…

How about a river! it reaches nowhere but vain…

How I wish going back; an infant

Drawing some smile, so brilliant

Where peace with each rising sun invites my soul to fly

Fly through a marvelous blue sky

Learning generosity from a crystal stream
and an evergreen hill

For a sacred mission; baskets of love to fill

Dear Lord…if time goes back

Back to clean away everything black

I would choose staying a child

Only then; never life can be wild…


Doubled Seven

Invited me morning earliest breeze to his warm lap
Over Coffee, there was a gift that I had to unwrap
The greeting said; “you’re like a compress to my sore head”
In front of such sweetness, I found no honeyed thread….”

Special thanks to Ms. Marilyn for awarding me the 7 x 7 Link Award

Ms. Marilyn is a writer whom through her words, you can explore a deep heart…Please don’t miss the opportunity to visit her world:

With that being said, this award requires me to:

  • Reveal seven things about myself that you don’t already know
  • Compile 7 of my favorite links from my blog;
  • Bestow this award upon 7 other bloggers.
So here we go; starting with me:
  •  The first Poem I’ve written was on March 2000 over the deathbed of my
    best friend;
  • I only write when I’m feeling down:(
  • The first Novel I’ve read was Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer”;
    I’ll never stop reading as long as I’m breathing; You can say book-holic:)
  •  I don’t raise an eye till the book I’m reading is finished
    &that’s also applicable to a thousand page Novel.
  • I’m Capricorn which means “When I commit myself to something;
    I don’t listen to myself after”
  • I love stars; perhaps that’s why I don’t fall asleep before the last star does.
  • I want to have a tattoo over my vertebral column, yet it’s risky in my case:(
    But I still want it badly.
 My Favorite posts published over wordpress are:
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Finally I would like to tell you that I would not be able to inform any of you about the award because I’m facing a problem with my blog since yesterday; my comments are not appearing over any post I comment over, and I’m not receiving any notification…If you’ve faced such a trouble before, I’d appreciate your help..
Thanks in advance
Congratulations  every one…I’m looking forward to discover your sevens:)

a Letter, a Rose and a Ring


Through a heartless night, sailed you away

Acting deaf to the heart begging you stay

Around a year sank to the depth of hell

No news… as if you sank there as well

Till the day I woke up to a knock at my door

No one but a letter, a rose and a ring were left on the floor

No one was knocking then, but still echoes a hard knock

Is it real! is it a dream! or it’s how sounds a shock!

“Nebula” painting by Tomasz Rut

Storms of passion, missing and love in a letter hidden

Few words with blood, so warm, written

“Sorry with love, shall we go back now to the start?”

Their echo reached nowhere, but the depth of heart

Ran tears, wept beats and shivered knees

What a “Sorry” means, and what pain does it cease!

What a “Rose” means, and how many wounds can it cure!

One, five, ten! what about the rest! NO garden can cure!

And what a “Ring” means, and why shall I whisper “YES”

Can it kill the bleeding nights! can it erase all that mess!

Come back…take your things and never show up again, it’s a “goodbye”

Raising up these three has risen an unseen truth to the seventh sky

Thanks; just for this neither for the rose, nor for the ring

And keep this in mind; “Love costs nothing, yet broken; costs everything”